Tips for Appointment Setting: Get more sales meetings with your ideal customers

b2b appointment setting with ideal customer

Picture this!

You create content, research for leads, strategize campaigns, send out hundreds of emails, track metrics, all to set a sales appointment with your potential clients. But, your prospect refuses to meet you. This can be due to the lack of trust as we live in a world overshadowed by technology and are afraid of spam and bots.

B2b Appointment setting services are a proven methodology and create sales opportunities and schedule appointments for you with your relevant prospects and key decision-makers.

A few tips on lead appointment setting can help you with the situation. These tips can increase ROI, reduce friction in a sales conversation, and provide stability in B2B relationships. Let’s dig in!

In the next 3 minutes you will get insights into:

  1. What is the appointment setting?
  2. Need for appointment setting
  3. Tips for appointment setting
Appointment setting, what is it?

Lead appointment setting is a sales development activity that involves communicating with prospects, following up, and nurturing leads to generate high-quality SQLs and MQLs. The SDR prepares leads for the outreach, researches to find context for personalization, and finally reaches out to leads via emails, calls, or social media platforms. Sales appointment setting is the first step in closing a deal, and as a marketer, you should leverage it.

Appointment setting as part of your sales strategy:

Managing multiple sources of incoming leads can be tedious and let you give up on additional revenue and the solution to this is streamlined by B2B appointment setting best practices. As stats say, An appointment setter spends 21% of his/her working hours writing emails and 12% scheduling meetings with your potential customer. 


Including B2B appointment setting services in your sales strategy can save time and effort, and help you with:

  1. Lead generation & nurturing: 79% of leads don’t convert into sales because of a lack of nurturing and appointment setting ensures that the pipeline doesn’t leak out into other avenues.
  2. Effective communication: Communicate & filter out leads to ensure that you are getting the right leads to your company. Pro tip: on one personalized communication is the key.
  3. Optimizing sales cycle: Reduce the time to lead conversion and open up new opportunities in upselling. enhancing your value proposition with appointment-setting services. 
Tips to get an appointment with your prospective clients:

Here are a few tips to schedule a meeting with your potential prospects and close more deals:

  • Discover and research: Before hitting on a prospective client, you need to get to know them. Find a way to personalize the emails and ensure that no two emails are the same. Take a look at their LinkedIn profile, google them, or comb through their company website.
  • Organize your CRM: Pay close attention to your lead qualification criteria to improve your lead generation game. Redefining your lead scoring system to identify the ones that need more nurturing. Pro tip: Rate each lead and organize them in databases and edit your sales pipeline on CRM. 
  • Automation never disappoints: You can automate your appointment scheduling. There are various ways to ensure you don’t skip on potential interactions. Chatbots, and Online appointment schedules, and email workflows are the way to go. Tools like Calendly, Keap, and ScheduleOnce help your B2B prospective clients to look at your schedule and book an appointment accordingly. It is a win-win for both.
  • Follow your follow-ups: Follow-ups are the key to conversions. 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. This shows that you can’t miss any. To master the art of follow-up, make sure you personalize your approach, create email workflows, and generate drip campaigns. 
  • Content is the key: Craft sales enablement content. Ensure you provide your sales teams with a detailed description of your product, activities, goals, etc this way you will be giving them ammunition for nurturing prospects. You can leverage your inbound marketing for the same. Case studies, videos, whitepapers, datasheets, and slide decks stand at the frontline of your sales campaigns.
Wrapping up:

Appointment setting services can make your product stand out from the others in the market. Pixelo Digital helps in personalized prospecting, powered by data and smart automation. Add these tips into your sales campaign for getting to a meeting with your ideal sales prospects and closing more deals.