Score more leads through email drip campaigns; Avoid these mistakes

One message to your crush, won’t convince her for a date. Similarly, a single email to your prospects won’t build up your sales funnel. 

Constantly engaging with leads to build interest and stay relevant is necessary, and automated drip campaigns can drive conversions with your leads, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and nurture prospects to reach business objectives.

Drip open rates are about 80% higher than single sends and average drip click-through rates are 3 times higher. Just like dating, drip campaigns start with a strategically crafted message and then help in cultivating leads through each stage of the conversion funnel.

Sadly, we can’t help you get a date with your crush, but a sales meeting with your next ideal customer can be arranged by avoiding these mistakes in your next drip campaign. 

In the next 2 minutes, let’s dig into:

  1. Understanding the drip campaign
  2. Effective practices
  3. Mistakes to avoid 
What is a Drip Campaign?
drip campaign

A Drip Campaign is an automated triggered sequence of emails sent on a predefined schedule to a target prospect to nurture brand relationships and generate sales.

Drip campaigns are triggered by an action the user takes and It enables you to customize messages to your subscribers on a large scale, based on an action. To guide prospects through the buyer’s journey, the emails are crafted strategically and the next drip of emails is sent based on the prospect’s response.

Drip email marketing best practices:

To build up an organic conversation with your leads, you have to nurture your leads with personalized messages and strategic content. Some other tips to grab the attention of your prospects:

  • Segment your email lists: To tailor personalized emails, segment all your customers appropriately. Start with contacts’ names, company info, customer behavior, and more.
  • Start the right communication: Based on your user preferences, buyer persona, and time between your last email, choose your frequency schedule wisely and craft the perfect message.
  • Create diverse content:

You don’t know what kind of content will aggravate your prospect. So keep posting diverse content and conduct A/B tests.

Things to avoid for a successful drip campaign:

While constructing email drip campaigns, these are some common mistakes brands make:

  • Use the correct no-reply email address: Imagine getting an email from a particular ID, but the reply ID is of some company. Would it feel authentic? It will put off potential customers. To not sound vague, combine the first name with the company or department name.
  • Don’t be afraid to take it personally: The purpose of a drip campaign is to nurture relationships, so no bland, boilerplate messages. Avoid generic messages and ensure that messages are tied to buyers’ journeys. Customize, because your prospects won’t mind the extra attention.
  • Don’t forget to follow your follow-ups: Your drip emails need to be monitored. Open rates and click rates are two important metrics you need to analyze. To identify the buyer’s journey- Monitor, measure, test, and tweak.
  • Inconsistent scheduling: Strategizing a schedule is done by familiarizing with the behavior of your target market and current trends in your industry. The best way to find the rhythm is by conducting tests. 
  • Not having the perfect audience: Your entire target audience is not in the same place in the buyers’ journey. Start by segmenting your audience according to their role and then keep track of their persona. 

With drip campaigns, it is a win-win situation. The results are inspiring once you strategize it. Pixelo utilizes automated drip campaigns to score more leads for your sales funnel. We make sure you get more SQL by leveraging the benefits of drip campaigns. Focusing on messaging, quality, and data will lead the way to more successful campaigns.