Strategize LinkedIn in 2021 and target a wider audience

Ever since the internet was introduced among folks, people have been fascinated by its ability to reach out to new people and create networking opportunities. Throughout the evolution of digital marketing, LinkedIn is one social media platform that has stood out for its ability to reach business professionals. This is the reason why B2b marketers are gravitating towards LinkedIn to fuel their growth.


At the outset of the pandemic, LinkedIn became the prime opportunity for networking and prospecting. As of 2021, LinkedIn officially has 760 million users with 40% of them accessing it daily. Impressive! Isn’t it?


With all these users together at a single platform, LinkedIn opens up the floodgates to leads. As research says, Most B2Bs are using social media to get leads, but you have to cut through the gaggle and strategize your prospecting.


In the next 3 minutes, let’s understand how can maximize your ROI through LinkedIn:

  1. Let the stats speak
  2. Why LinkedIn? 
  3. LinkedIn strategies in 2021


Is LinkedIn popular among B2B marketers?

Audience, engagement, and trust are the three most important reasons why your business grows with LinkedIn. Have a look at the stats! You will find the answer.


Why is LinkedIn is a strategic priority now? 

Because LinkedIn works! It spans the breadth of B2B audience segments and it stands out as a success marker in terms of lead generation. LinkedIn is responsible for 97% of a business’s social media leads and 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. It is B2b centric and credible across verticals. The member engagement is stronger than ever for LinkedIn now. Start leveraging LinkedIn in the best way possible.


High-converting LinkedIn strategies:

Catch the wave and dive into these strategies to make the most out of the most trusted social media platform:


  • Craft a compelling company page
    Turn your company page into a lead generation page. Your company page is a pipeline for LinkedIn leads to visit your actual company website. Make sure that your page is 100% complete and optimized.
    Here’s a tip: Use an image that gets attention and incorporates engaging content.
  • Content is the king!
    Share Your Company’s Content on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn article can be a great way to grab attention on the news feed as well as keep in touch with your followers.
    For example, if you publish a blog on your website, you can also share it on your LinkedIn pulse. This makes your company more credible.
  • Retarget ads to your visitors
    Target the right audience based on their professional attributes. With LinkedIn Ads, you will be able to add email contacts to target with ads, or even upload existing accounts. Start by building an organic reach. Once you build your credibility, start reaching out to the targeted audience. 
  • Keywords are the key
    Make use of advanced searches. You can narrow the search down by specific positions in the filters. To find your leads and your next potential customers. 
  • Utilize LinkedIn groups
    Participate in conversations and keep them going on by joining LinkedIn groups. You can make great connections and reach out to prospective leads through niche groups.
    Pro tip: Discover the prospects’ pain points and interests and send them personalized messages to create a valuable conversation.


Bottom line

LinkedIn is an ideal source for B2b marketing. Make the most of this platform by coming up with more precise strategies. Pixelo provides you unprecedented ROAS with strategic prospecting so that you close more leads from your sales funnel. Start leveraging LinkedIn today and take a step closer to closure.