Mistakes to avoid in your next email campaign


Isn’t it shocking that 85% of all emails sent every day are spam? And let’s admit this! One of the worst feelings as an email marketer is seeing your emails land in the spam folder because of a small typo in the subject line or realizing you targeted the wrong person. But, you can easily dodge these errors and negative replies by avoiding a few mistakes in your email campaigns.


With more than 4 billion daily email users, email is now an integral part of sales and marketing strategies. However, all this buzz does not necessarily translate into high engagement. It takes time and money to drive audiences into the sales funnel, so don’t waste both moving them away through bad email practices.


In the next 2 minutes, let’s go through five things you can avoid while auditing your email marketing strategies for the upcoming email campaigns. In this guide, we will discuss:


  • Poor subject line
  • Lack of personalization
  • Not adding a CTA
  • Lack of mobile optimization
  • Overdesigning your emails

5 Ways To Avoid Mistakes In Next Email Campaign


1. Penning poor subject lines:


Subject lines create the first impression for your email campaigns and if your subject lines don’t make your prospects go Click, Click, Click, then you need to make it informative, valuable, yet brief, while still incorporating a sense of urgency. Take the time to think about your subject line and why you are sending the email.


2. Skipping segmentation and personalization:


As per stats, 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement rates. So, don’t forget to personalize your emails and craft a message that is tailored to the right audience. Using their ICP to engage with your emails will make them more personalized and more relevant to them, which will boost their likelihood of further interacting with your brand.


Source: instapage.com

3. Lack of Call-To-Action:


Failing to put a relevant CTA can ruin your efforts of crafting a perfect email. A relevant call-to-action (CTA) is essential to nurturing the recipients you aim to nurture. Just providing a CTA is not enough, make sure your call-to-action is relevant to the email copy.


4. Not optimizing emails for mobile:


With everything being available on our smartphones, now over 74% of smartphone owners use their devices to check their emails. You need to think about your email design and content from a mobile-first perspective, not just from a “mobile-friendly” standpoint.


5. Crowding your email content: 


Keep it simple! You should keep your content to one main message – and link that message directly to your subject line. Additionally, make sure your emails load fast and look great on mobile devices to ensure your customers won’t get frustrated by clunky images in your emails. 


Enhance your email marketing strategies:

Avoiding these five mistakes will need time and experimentation. But, a few of these can be easily integrated into your next email marketing strategy. At Pixelo, we automate your email campaigns and reach your ideal buyers with highly personalized messaging that’s relevant to their pain points & end business outcomes. Leverage personalized messaging and avoid these mistakes to close more deals. 


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