Up your Email Game: Scale results, Leverage AI.

Up your Email Game: Scale results, Leverage AI.

It’s been 42 years since Ray Tomlinson sent the first-ever email. The history of the email itself is one thing, but the evolution of email marketing is quite another. Not only is the method fast and cheap, but it has opened the door to how marketers can monitor and react to consumer behavior in a way that was never previously possible.


As you know, Email marketing is extremely dynamic & under an ongoing wave of evolution- causing marketing leaders to consistently tweak strategies & technologies over the last decade. 


In 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users and this figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2023. Due to the pandemic, almost all industries saw an increase in engagement compared to their previous year’s average, with a 24% increase in open rates.


We’ll take 3 mins of your time to swiftly take you through the new trends that your brand can leverage to stay on top of your lead generation campaigns and yield results month on month.

  1. Adopt AI- It’s not as tough as you may think
  2. Drip it, launch sequences with unprecedented power and ease 
  3. Redesign 
  4. Personalization, a prerequisite now 
  • Adopt AI-based optimization
    AI is proliferating the ranks of marketers as fast as paid ads did in 2015, but many argue that the benefits of AI will significantly outrank conventional metrics and industry-standard %’s for core KPI’s across the B2B spectrum.
    AI reduces the guesswork by analyzing customers’ browsing habits and preferences to maximize returns. It generates content in email-friendly formats like optimizing subject lines for clicks and tracking their performance. AI-empowered Email tools like Boomtrain, Optimail, Seventh Sense, and Phrasee will allow you to send the right message to your customers based on past behavior and actions.
    The major boost that the technology will have is the intrinsic analysis and automated outreach. As an example, Triggered emails have 38.03% open rates which are higher than the average open rate of 21.7%, because AI can analyze consumer behavior and outperform humans regarding effective outreach, list segmentation, and content analysis.
    Leverage AI by sending emails that align with your customer’s expectations and build up a rapport with your clients. Make this weapon work in your favor.
  • Launch drip campaign
    Too much information at a single go can be hard to absorb. Drip marketing is the key to unlocking a consistent and cohesive flow of effective communication between you and your clients. It sends ‘drips’, a pre-written set of messages to users over time, and is said to generate 80% more sales at 33% lower costs.
    Send your clients information in the form of drips instead of long, dreary messages.

P.C.: automizy.com

  • Redesign email structure
    Today, email designs that reflect minimalism are more popular. Well-structured emails, revolving around a single topic, are more trending. 68% of marketers said that visual content was essential to their marketing strategies.
    Your team can try experimenting with layouts, designs, visuals, and try to integrate user-generated content within email marketing campaigns.
    We’ve seen many marketers go down the dark alleys of testing too many designs. This will surely disrupt your branding guidelines, so make sure that you stick to a few streamlined and common elements for your design language but test small and test consistently. 


  • Hyper-Personalization
    Micro-segmentation and personalization of mail have been around for some time now. Creating content for a targeted audience with relevant content is what your team should aim for. Micro-segmentation is useful in unpacking customer data. Emails with a personalized subject line are 26% more likely to be opened and deliver 6x higher transaction rates.
    Consider segmenting your audience in as many attributes as possible that can spot trends and help deliver data-based decisions. Also, Machine learning can predict user interests based on customer data and the predictions can then be used to suggest products or services that are based on the individual.
    Understand the audience persona and know their emotional drivers. This way, you can build a relationship with your clients and propose a solution for their pain points.


Wrapping up:

It is critical for you to keep your marketing team on their toes and excited at the prospect of leveraging tools that reduce effort but multiply output. With the thought of achieving more with less, we suggest you check Pixelo Digital out, a B2B Sales enablement and acceleration company, that leverages leading and disruptive technologies and builds a flawless stack on top of a cemented 10+ year foundation of solid result-oriented lead generation systems that have been tried and tested.