Your quarterly sales targets: Don’t break a sweat or your budget, choose Email.

Here’s the thing, you’re exploring a cost-efficient & powerful strategy to boost your sales pipeline for your quarterly targets, however when you and your team sit down to discuss growth strategies Paid ads may be your go-to-meeting starter option.


Think about this- While scrolling through your feed have you ever accidentally clicked on a social post & then ruefully realized the accidental tap led you to an ad? Paid Ads proliferated almost 2 decades back, but, how effective are they in 2021 for your B2B brand?


A study showed that the average bounce rate for ads has increased steadily 10% YoY, for certain industries, quite scary.


Paid content like social media platforms or pay-per-click advertisements put your content for promotion, with audience and outreach filters such as geography, demographics, etc.


Although paid ads have proven to be the best for generating volume, some limitations can’t be ignored. It is expensive, has a low ROI and conversion % for high-ticket products, and honestly if you’re trying to target a CXO level persona, do you expect them to click and fill up a form based on a single creative?


We won’t spend more time on Paid ads and their inherent limitations; rather, we’d like to take you through some ingenious alternatives that can help you touch your targets for this quarter without breaking the bank.


Here’s what you’ll read in the next 3 mins:

  • Popular mediums to generate leads
  • Email outreach as a method to grow your pipeline
  • Paid Ads vs Email outreach
  • What can your brand do?


Other mediums to generate leads:

Generating qualified leads is critical to accelerate your pipeline and eventually close more deals. Some tried and tested approaches except Paid ads are as follows:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Event marketing
  3. Content Marketing.


How can you engage prospective customers through email outreach?

You must have heard people talking about ‘whether email marketing is dead?’ But, 40 percent of B2B marketers say, emails are the reason for content marketing success and email marketing stands strong in lead generation tactics. Through email outreach you get in touch with people through mails. With engaging content, personalization and crystal-targeting allowing you to grab the attention of your prospective customers unlike any platform


So the question is: To use paid ads or not, what’s better today?

Paid Ads vs Email outreach

Outreach and Lead generation can never be one-dimensional.


Paid ads are effective in helping your brand reach out to large audiences and communicate one message at scale.

However, some intrinsic limitations revolve around low ROI & restrictions for personalization.


When we get into the B2B game, the rules change altogether. It becomes next to impossible for your brand to communicate key pain points, context-rich bridges and lead-specific pitches. As mentioned above, if your ticket sizes are high, and the decision making cycle crosses 7-10 days, you need a tool that’s sharp and powerful enough to peak, nurture and convert your ideal leads into buying customers.

Email marketing has higher conversion rates. The average open rate for emails is 21.73%, which is more than the average Paid ads click-through rate of 3 to 6 %.


The gist? 

Your B2B brand needs an Omni-channel approach, that allows you to target and convert ideal leads in a multi-dimensional manner- today, sales in B2B is more relationship building and less about spray-and-pray creative ad campaigns. You can use Paid ads, to flesh your Top of Funnel, but when it comes to your Bottom of Funnel, Email outreach gives you more bandwidth to build a relationship, communicate value and establish your product as an immediate option with context-rich content and Call to actions.

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