Successfully Booked 13+ Sales Leads With Fortune 1000 Companies Across The United States Within 3 Months

The Client

  • The client is an AI-powered augmented analytics platform, foresight businesses with automated intelligent insights for future actions with critical answers for WHAT, WHY, & HOW solutions in a simple human language with zero-coding & data-experts requirements in real-time.

The Result

  • Reached ‘Chief’ Level profiles of Fortune 1000 companies in the United States covering 5 major industries (Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, & Banking) introducing the potential of AI-power for faster, accurate, & reliable business intelligence insights to add in growth & utilize business data repositories effectively.
  • Pixelo Digital is able to build a qualitative approach & spread LENI’s potential among 23000+ personas who can see LENI as a near future high-end tool to adopt to enhance core business functions.

Major Obstacles

  • Huge Product, hard to break down all features & its potential to the audience.
  • Figuring the right audience who are in need of such AI & highly powerful business analytics tool for their business.

How We Managed

  • Fetch validated data & bifurcated as per Industry
  • Build content strategy with multiple outreach campaign versions (considering prospect’s designation & content pitch according to industry)
  • Reach personas through Drip Campaign strategy with authoritative accounts creating authentic impressions on end-user
  • Setup Meeting via Emails & Calling
  • Build a transparent loop between Client & Leads with weekly reporting


  • Help client with successful 5 appointment settings every month
  • Post-meeting setups and book calendar prior to client interaction with lead
  • Qualify lead through personalised email & call
  • Generate meetings for multiple industries

Our Process

  • Created comprehensive persona sketch, fetched prospects details, & strategized outreach campaign
  • Shared industry-based case studies & use cases
  • Figured out prospect pain points & industry challenges
  • Content created in simple language to describe product
  • Added triggering CTA with multiple time slots to better suit prospects needs