UI/UX Services 

“Design is not how it looks. But how it works.” – Steve Jobs.

The new UI and UX industry has made significant strides in the trending options from across the globe. As the entire world has waded into digital submission, more and more websites are striving to materialize each and every single day so that the customers can get amazing ratings and roundabout performance from across the world.

For many companies, good user experience is synonymous with having a website that is attractive to look at. You’ve been told that is what customers look for. That is why it is so disappointing when the bounce rates of your websites remain high and you do not generate about as many leads as you hoped for. 

So, why does this occur? 

In most cases, it is because you barely put much effort into user experience or user interface. UX statistics reveal that this general mistake turns customers away and costs companies an awful lot of money. Let’s go through some facts and figures:

  • 88% of customers are less likely to return to a website after a frustrating user experience
  • Smartphone users are 5X more likely to bail out on a task if the website is not mobile-optimized
  • 39% will stop engaging with the content when the images will not load or the loading time takes a lot of time 
  • Bad mobile optimization turns away 48% of customers


Pixelo Digital Won’t Let That Happen to You 

Those were just a few statistics. You don’t want that happen to you? Well, Pixelo Digital is here at your disposal. For us, UX/UI is more than a capability. It is at the heart of everything we do here at Pixelo Digital.


We design, develop, and examine to make every interaction a user has with you into a lucrative opportunity. Our UI/UX design services zero in on spotting the loopholes that prevent better engagement. Paving ways for better engagement through customer-centric designs, we make sure that your offerings echo your brand and the values you worship.

We offer easy interfaces and enhanced performance while providing business-grade code quality. Our in-house UI/UX team practices the finest methods in tandem with eye-pleasing design and style throughout the development life-cycle. 

How We Work?

Our UI/UX design road-map does not play out in a linear order. We twist and turn through the design procedure, looping back, and doing at least one task in our work flow again.

  1. In the research phase, we understand who your users are, in what ways they will leverage your products or services, and what needs they will be expecting to fulfil
  2. To conceive our UI/UX strategy, we develop wireframes, which match your product vision with customer needs and the technical capacities of the product.
  3. To shape the UI/UX design we monitor your competition, design styles in your region and throughout your domain, and gather all this creative insights into a mood-board.
  4. We design every aspect on the UI – buttons, icons, color schemes, typography – to offer an intuitive experience for your customers. The appearance and touch of the product or service and its inter-activeness will be focused on enhancing user engagement.

If you have an array of criteria for design, we will stringently abide by them in our workflow. Also, we can help you create a design system that develops cohesive, consistent visual experiences across platforms and devices. We identify your problem with our UI/UX design services and collaborate with you to devise innovative solutions. Our engagement model is suitable for:

  • Intranet/portals
  • Business applications
  • Mobile/web apps
  • Startups

Why Us?

First of all, it is the quality of our UI/UX design services and the effort it takes to make them. The digital offerings and user interfaces we design are simple to use, catchy and reflect your brand in the best way possible. 

Moving ahead, it is the people who convert your project into a reality. We always assign a multi-skilled team of UI/UX developers, designers and other experts driven by one of our design directors and monitored by a co‑founder. 

At last, unlike many conventional digital design service providers and user experience designers, we blend innovation and product design proficiencies under the same roof and on the same project. Just think about a branding company stumbling upon a UI/UX design agency – that is us.

Interested in pairing up? Let’s talk.