Email Marketing & Outreach

Email may not be a new thing, yet it is still prevalent among Internet users. As a matter of fact, 3.9 Bn users sent email messages in 2019 and that figure is likely to surge to 4.3 Bn by 2023

Moreover, it is estimated that by 2022, email marketing and outreach will keep growing and the market size will reach US$ 694 Mn.

Nearly every industry depends on emails, with marketers banking on emails to send customer support messages, exclusive offers, useful articles, order tracking updates, important warnings, and necessary business updates – the list is almost never-ending.

Pixelo Digital Has the Painkiller for Your Business Pain 

Marketing to your business prospects (B2B) is a daunting task, yet also the most rewarding. Businesses have the capital to spend to make their ends meet.

As an emerging email marketing service provider, Pixelo Digital has developed a tried and true approach to email marketing and outreach strategies that have proven to convert on several industries. 

Our experts are ready to help your business make material progress with future-proof B2B outreach program. Here is how a high-level process works:

  1. Understanding your user persona on a granular level in terms of their digital footprints, titles, domains, use cases, and so on
  2. Research and look for your target personas – CXOs, Directors, CIOs, and CMOs
  3. Getting accurate contact information access to myriads of your target customer groups with 50+ relevant prospecting and data mining tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Slintel, and Lusha
  4. Perform A/B tests consequently, searching out the best converting emails for such groups
  5. Once it is working, go berserk and pump the emails, and get meetings fixed

At Pixelo Digital, our customers love us for a good reason – results, results, and results. That is why we pull in the best and offer the service that our customers need and deserve. We have a solution for all the email marketing and outreach issues out there. We have seen what works and what does not and how to help your company succeed.

No matter if you are just new to email marketing or looking to add us to your existing arsenal, we are here and flexible to your requirements. 

  • Integration – We smoothly integrate into your systems, enabling a zero downtime workflow to optimize the output.
  • Communication – We reckon that communication is the key to the success of any endeavor in life. Every action is established, assured, and reassured to make sure nothing is left out.
  • Reporting – Transparent reporting on every action and outcome keeps us right on track and lets us make data-driven decisions to maximize your bottom lines.
  • New Heights – Taking your business to new heights is our absolute minimum of what we call successful.

Why Pixelo Outreach Programme?

  • 25000+ refreshed Database
  • 1, 25, 000 emails sent
  • 5000+ meetings booked
  • Covers several industries including, travel, healthcare, BFSI, SaaS, and Telecom, to name a few

Want to take your business to the next level? Pixelo Digital is standing by eager to help you meet and surpass your business goals. Your consultation is totally free, so go ahead, get in touch with us now!